Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

According to research, both physical therapy prior to and after a joint replacement is ideal to maximize a patient’s recovery. What activities are best to maximize function depends on the patient and his or her individual goals. A licensed physical therapist can make sure that a patient’s goals are met.

Therapy prior to surgery involves working with a physical therapist to strengthen muscles around the joint being operated on and to also maximize range of motion in the operative joint as well as surrounding joints. By putting the time in to get strong prior to surgery patients will be more likely to be mobile sooner after surgery and will be set up for success just a few days post op.

Post surgical therapy is equally important to get patients to the same level of function that they were at prior to surgery. This will include pain management, range of motions, strengthening and functional activities.

A licensed physical therapist at Empower PT will work closely with your surgeon to ensure that you maximize your surgical outcomes. Empower will help you get back to life in no time.

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