Partnering With Empower

Why it makes sense to partner with Empower Physical Therapy
  • Join a leading team of physical therapists – we are founded and led by PTs
  • Retain the key aspects of culture within your practice and its place in the community
  • Work together to promote our profession within the broader healthcare landscape
  • Work with us to shape Empower’s culture and best practices
  • Continue to evolve your role and embrace new opportunities for leadership in the broader practice
  • Gain support from our team to continue to grow your practice
  • Provide access to additional opportunities for growth and mentorship to your team
  • Benefit from robust support services in areas such as finance, IT, revenue cycle management, compliance, credentialing and human resources
Support services will allow you to focus on what excites you. The following services are jointly managed by Empower, allowing our group to grow efficiently:
Partner Testimonials

Jeff Kitchen – Rehab Plus Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

“After 24 years of being an owner in the private practice world of physical therapy, we decided to link arms with Empower Physical Therapy and join with 50 other likeminded clinics. Our clinic vision has always been to provide the best care possible to our patients. Knowing that approach brings professional and personal satisfaction as a provider, it also ensures clinic viability via reputation and patient loyalty. Because of corporate competition in the marketplace with a challenging reimbursement structure, we saw the importance of banding together to maintain our desired approach to care. Empower was the one organization of fellow professionals who totally agreed with our approach and encouraged the maintenance of our clinic culture and our local branding in the community. Their attitude has always been " You guys are doing a great job. Keep doing it!!" No jamming a structured approach down our throats, but rather providing assistance where we needed it and offering input when asked. Empower consists of a bunch of us PTs, so they get it! ”

Matt Figueroa – Physicians Physical Therapy Service

“I had the privilege of joining my group of clinics with some fantastic PT Owners in 2018 to help form Empower Physical Therapy. My company was previously stalled in its growth, and it was a blessing to collaborate and join forces with these other driven PT owners to overcome our obstacles together. We have been able to do immeasurably more as Empower than we would have been able to do individually. That is the power of teamwork! This group has been focused on PT leadership, forging ahead with a “Therapist centric” and “Patients first” model, while fighting for private practice PT to win in the health care space. This is a great season where our private practice physical therapists are growing, demonstrating quality and effectiveness, and differentiating ourselves from our non-PT competitors. We are seizing market share for the right reasons. I am incredibly happy that we joined Empower. I am excited for this season of growth and am thrilled that our therapists agree.”

Kelly McFarland – Premier Rehab Physical Therapy

“It’s an exciting time to partner with Empower as we continue to promote the private practice sector of our physical therapy profession. We share the same number one patient focus which is providing world-class quality outpatient physical therapy services to our patients. Our goal has always been to continue to grow our practice and our physical therapy leaders and I find Empower to be that perfect fit moving forward for our future.”

Dustin McArthur – Orthopedic Physical Therapy (OPT) / Amistad Physical Therapy

“I was able to grow to 8 clinics on my own. But growing to hundreds of clinics – that’s real growth – and I knew I couldn’t do that. With Empower, I’m able to be a part of that from the ground floor and benefit from it while ensuring my team is taken care of.”

Sandra Terrazas – Spectrum Therapy Consultants

“I joined Empower because it was a cultural fit and paralleled my vision for private practice delivery of PT services. It provided the resources I needed to grow my practice and maintain my brand in my community. It offered excellent benefits to my employees that will help with recruitment and retention. Ultimately, I decided to join because it is managed by physical therapists for physical therapists. I am looking forward to expanding my footprint in my city to deliver physical therapy services. I want to use my entrepreneurial skill set while Empower resources handle the areas that hinder my speed of progress. I expect Empower to assist me with recruiting and retention to build a solid team that can continue to grow. I want Empower to attract highly skilled talent and growth opportunities to all employees. Furthermore, I want Empower to handle the administrative burden that limits the growth of my market.”

Jack Pentlarge – ProActive Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

“We chose Empower because they are run by a team of Physical Therapists who promote core values not only good for the company and employees, but good for the industry as a whole. Having an extremely strong management team, supported by a strong Private Equity team has been the key to our success. In just one year, the Empower team has provided guidance that helps provide our employees a work/life balance, allowing them to thrive in an industry environment where the cost of doing business is increasing well over reimbursement. This has allowed us to continue to be the best at what we do here in San Diego County. Empower's patient-first focus and systems have been instrumental in helping us grow our region while, at the same time, allowing us to provide the same level of care we were providing pre-merge. We are glad we listened to the horrible stories of other PT companies merging with the wrong partner. This helped us find the right partner, as we feel we partnered with a family of colleagues who are focused on doing good for our industry. We are overwhelmingly happy we chose Empower, allowing us to work with a brilliant and caring management team and have the ability to join other quality PT companies who are also striving to be better as much as we are! ”


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    The staff at Empower Physical Therapy are all wonderful. You feel very welcomed and at home from the minute you check in to the minute you check out. Rachel was my physical therapist and listened to me about my symptoms and worked with me on my individual goals. She is very knowledgeable with biofeedback and pelvic floor methodologies. I highly recommend this practice as they provide very quality care.

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