Empowering patients to get back to life is the motto that Empower Physical therapy lives by every day. From the Doctors of Physical Therapy to the office staff, the number one goal is on our patients’ physical and occupational therapy goals. Every day our team strives to deliver the best care to all of our patients from the elite professional athlete getting back on the court after a knee surgery to the winter golf warrior healing from an elbow injury. We put you first by developing a treatment plan that is based on scientific evidence and delivered by people who are at the top of their field. We also take your schedule to heart and schedule visits around what times and days work best for you! Additionally, we work closely with your insurance company to make sure your visits are affordable and that you are never overcharged.

In a nutshell our formula consists of:

Your Full Recovery = Expert Care by the the best Doctors + Flexible Appointments + Affordable Care

If you need more convincing just read a few of our reviews!

  • 97% of Patients Interviewed would recommend Empower to a Friend or Family Member
  • 100% of patients interviewed agreed that the focus was on the patient and their goals at all times
  • 98% of patients interviewed could get an appointment at the location and time that they were looking for
  • 94% of patients interviewed were able to return to the same level of activity as they had prior to injury
  • 95% of our Google Reviews are 5 stars!

Empower Physical Therapy focuses on providing unforgettable patient experiences. We do this by developing powerful relationships among our licensed physical therapists, staff and patients, while providing personalized care. We remain true to our core values, no matter what that takes.

The physical therapy team at Empower puts your needs first when it comes to healing. Our therapist-led company is not only one of the largest in Arizona, but we also now have twenty-seven locations spread across four states. Find a location near you.

Our Values

  • Patients First – Every decision we make keeps the needs of our patients as our top priority
  • Golden Rule Service – We treat you like family and strive to create an extraordinary experience
  • Empathy – We seek to understand your needs from your perspective.
  • Accountability – We honor our word and always take responsibility in all that we do
  • Integrity – We feel having strong moral principles leads to trust and inspires confidence
  • Growth – We strive to be better today than we were yesterday.
  • Excellence – Good is not good enough until it is great.
  • Exchange in Abundance – Ensuring everyone we come into contact with receives more than they expected