Uses For Elastic Therapeutic Tape or Kinesiology Tape

calendar TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2019

There are so many uses for elastic therapeutic tape, or kinesiology tape, that it has become a standout among the most frequently modalities in physical therapy and sports performance settings.

Elastic therapeutic taping is just one of the things that your physical therapist may recommend alongside other forms of treatment. It involves placing strips of this special tape onto your skin in certain ways. This is different from athletic tape. If your physical therapist has recommended this to supplement your treatment plan, you may be interested to know of its uses and benefits.

Benefits and Uses For Elastic Therapeutic Tape

  • Improved muscle function. It is thought to improve the firing of muscles and how they contract. This helps muscle tone and sports performance.
  • Pain management after injury. Aids muscles that may be spasming and helps to decrease pain.
  • Support and stabilize joints, muscles, and tendons. Elastic therapeutic tape helps to keep joints affected by pain or injury in place. It supports them while still allowing you to move. One of the best uses for elastic therapeutic tape in this capacity is on the shoulder.
  • Reducing swelling. Elastic therapeutic tape can reduce the pressure between the skin and the tissues underneath. This can help to reduce swelling and give a place for excess fluids to escape. For this reason, it can help with lymphedema and contusions.
  • Reducing scarring. Scar tissue underneath the surface of your skin sometimes can attach to your skin. When this happens, scar tissue causes mobility to decrease. To aid with range of motion, the tape can be used to gently pull the scar tissue and help loosen it.

Now that you know more about the many uses for elastic therapeutic tape...

...if your physical therapist makes this recommendation, you can see and understand the benefits of using it. It can help with everything from sports performance to lymphedema and swelling, depending on the tape used.

When you schedule and appointment with your physical therapist at one of our Empower Physical Therapy locations, he or she will evaluate and assess your condition and help select and place the tape that is right for you.

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