Step 1: Prepare for your visit

Please arrive ten minutes early for your appointment and wear comfortable workout clothes and athletic shoes if possible.  We have changing rooms at all of our locations if you need to change your clothing prior to your appointment.

Step 2: Receive your evaluation

When you arrive, our licensed physical therapists will review your medical records and health history, and perform a wide array of diagnostic tests and procedures. The physical therapist will also review you personal goals.  At the end of this visit the therapist will give you your plan of care. The plan of care will include what types of activities will occur in therapy, how many times a week you will need to come and for how long. After this discussion your therapist will help you schedule appointments that work with your schedule.

Step 3: Start treatment

Physical Therapy treatment plans range from a few sessions to several weeks depending on the extent of your injury.  Your therapist will design a personalized program for you with the goal of getting back to what you love to do pain free.