The Empower Team prides itself on making our patients happy and healthy! The clinical team works tirelessly to get patients back to the activities they loved prior to injury.  In fact, Empower Physical Therapy is happy to say that our clinics have an impressive all time high of 5 Star Google reviews. We don’t have time to share all the happy patient feedback with you but here are a few!


I recently had knee replacement and was very fortunate to discover Empower Physical Therapy in Buckeye. It was not only a convenient location for me, I was impressed with the caring attitude of the therapist, the friendly staff, and how well everyone worked together as a team. They truly cared about my progress, and each therapy session gave me more strength and stability. If you’re looking for a well skilled team that treats you like family, I highly recommend Empower Physical Therapy in Buckeye.

L. Butler

This is an absolutely amazing place. The staff makes it comfortable, they greet everyone by their first name, are very respectful, professional, and knowledgeable. Most all the staff knows both English and Spanish and if they don’t know how to say something in Spanish they ask. All of the staff is constantly learning and teaching each other new things. I’ve been going to physical therapy for years for chronic pain and this is the only place where I felt like the staff truly cared and was interested in my wellbeing. I worked with Aaron mostly, and I had a thousand questions for him daily, he was patient and explained everything thoroughly. Aaron was the first person since I had my shoulder surgery in 2005 to explain exactly what the surgeon did, why, and how. By him explaining this to me it helped me to better understand the pain I’m constantly having and how to better take care of myself. I really could go on and on about Empower Physical Therapy. I’ve very thankful to have gotten the opportunity to go here. Thank you all!

J. Elder

In July and August 2019 I was treated by Kylie Collins and her staff for vestibular vertigo. I was amazed at how quickly she was able to make all dizziness subside. Kylie has specialized training in helping folks like me who suffer from vertigo, in fact she is certified in that sort of treatment. So I encourage others not to suffer as long as I did, but to get help right away. Your quality of life will be better and you will not lose muscle tone  and balance as your body tries to compensate for the dizziness. Give Empower PT in Goodyear a try first!

M. Kris


Awesome place to get your rehab done. Ruben was super helpful in getting my knee back to normal after a dislocation and very understanding of the timing and pace I needed to reach my goals. The staff is outstanding and knows what they’re doing, and the clinic itself is kept very clean and tidy. I will definitely be recommending [Orthopedic Physical Therapy] Pitman Creek to all my hockey players and other friends if they ever have injuries that will require PT. Super satisfied with the help and advice provided over the last 2 months! Thanks guys.

Andrew S


I have been a patient of Affiliated Therapy for a couple of years now. I am originally from New Orleans, but my family (Dad, aunt, uncle, cousins) has been patients of Affiliated in the past and their name is mentioned quite often in each of our homes. 

The service is excellent, the therapist/employees are very caring and take great pride in their goals to ensure that the patients are being cared for with outstanding customer/patient care services.

 From the secretary/schedulers at the front desk to the Aquatics/Physical/Occupational therapist throughout the facility, I’m cared for as if I am part of the family and our goal is 100% satisfaction, to make me stronger, and assist with my severe pain. 

The entire facility is SUPER clean and everyone works as a team. 

The Aquatic Therapy swimming pool is so warm and I anticipate every appointment I’m scheduled because the warm water definitely helps in decreasing my pain while I’m in the pool. As soon as I complete my workout in the pool, the locker rooms are available and come equipped with lockers, and I am free to hop in a HOT shower, which also eases my severe body pain.

Additionally, I would like to say, BIG thanks and lots of hugs/kisses to Ms. Marilyn, Brian, Andrea, Lindsey, Matt, Sherie, Kim, Tammy and the rest of the crew. Matt is actually a newer therapist, but he came right in and quickly became part of our own in a matter of 1 day. It’s like he’s known all of the patients forever. He’s AWESOME!!! 

The entire team TOTALLY rock!!! 

With each new day, I feel confident that my overall health will improve. 

Lastly, I would like to make a request…

PLEASE get some music in the pool area. Music and working out goes hand in hand and I don’t think I would be focusing on my pain, as much, with a little music on deck. 

Thanks again, Affiliated Therapy, for all you do! I love y’all!!!

Kimberly Williams Anderson


Three members of my family have been helped by Coast Therapy. I had hip surgery, one daughter had knee pain, and a second daughter is currently being treated for lower back pain. 

Don has taken the lead in all three situations. He designs a program that includes manipulation and exercise.

Julie and Kim make the appointments and deal with insurance. No one wants to go to PT. If you have to go, visit Don and get better.

Terry B

This group of skilled therapists really know what they are doing. Very hands on, tailored programs not only helped me post injuries but preparing for a total knee replacement. My recovery is remarkably rapid and I truly believe this is due to the process they put in place for recovery. Jaimie is my therapist and literally helped turn my “noodle weak leg” to strong one pre and now post-op! Because of their positive focus…I don’t really mind going through the pain of recovery!

Sandy Davis