5 Benefits of Physical Therapy

calendar February 4, 2020
benefits of physical therapy

If you have an injury and want to recover quickly, have you considered the benefits of physical therapy? Physical therapy helps improve your health, movement, flexibility, and reduces or eliminates pain. A physical therapist at Empower Physical Therapy will help you choose the right treatment methods so that you can recover as soon as possible. 

Each patient's program is tailored to meet their physical ability and personal goals. Exercises are designed to address problems they may be having and set them up for success. After therapy, the degree of movement and flexibility improves inn addition to reduced pain and inflammation. 

5 Benefits of Physical Therapy

Pain reduction

You have pain after an injury. If the injury was serious, the pain can also be critical. To reduce pain, the therapist can recommend manual therapy methods and therapeutic exercises that can help you relieve joint and muscle pain. In addition, therapy will also help prevent the return of pain.

Balance recovery

For some injuries and conditions, it can be difficult to maintain balance while walking. Physical therapy can help you restore balance to prevent falls. In addition, exercises will help you improve your coordination.

Avoid surgery

In some cases, trying physical therapy as an option prior to considering surgery can help you avoid surgery altogether. Even if you have to undergo surgery, working with a physical therapist prior to and after surgery will help you gain strength and recover faster after the procedure.

Improve mobility

Another one of the benefits of physical therapy is improved mobility. Injury and pain restricts our ability to move and our bodies learn to adapt to this over time. A physical therapist will work with you to help your body be able to move better, become stronger, and more flexible and help you become more mobile again.

Stroke recovery

A stroke can do any number of things to your body, including limiting your ability to do daily tasks that were once normal and easy to do. By working with a physical therapist, you can learn to do simple tasks again and they can help you with stroke recovery.

There are many benefits of physical therapy from improved mobility to lessened pain and more. If you would like to know more and begin working with a physical therapist, contact us at 1-833-861-6161 to find an Empower Physical Therapy location near you.